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Recommended citation mupparty, durga bhavani, capacitor switching transient modeling and analysis on an electrical utility distribution system using simulink software 2011. The simulationready voltage controlled switch component vsw can be found in the simulation special function integrated library \library\simulation\simulation special function. Unauthorized duplication of the software or documentation is prohibited by law. Note that if a cl voltmeter were to be connected in place of r1 then there would be a clear onoff state difference because the cl voltmeter has a user definable finite resistance with a default value of 1g. There is some dedicated ic which has the ability to generate oscillations based on the input voltage. Pspice schematic with current controlled voltage source note that the right side of the. Mar 02, 2020 i am trying to simulate the circuit of novel high stepup dcdc converter with coupledinductor and voltagedoubler circuits in pspice with specified rating 24v input, 200v output, 250w power. Click on project raptor to start calculating your power supply parameters. To explain what i am trying to do, i have two circuits that i want to connect via a voltage in the following manner. Firstly, i considered i o as a 1a dc current source in pspice. An evaluation student version, which can handle small circuits with up to 10 transistors, is freely available. How to implement dependent sources in orcad pspice youtube.

Resistor r b and capacitor c b form a b1 2015 oxford university press reprinting or distribution, electronically or otherwise, without the express written consent of oxford university press is prohibited. In circuit 2 i have a resistor r1, with a value that i want to be dependent on v1. It will be noticed that the control line from the phase detector is isolated from the varactor diodes. If we needed, we could use the plot cursors to measure various points on the output voltage curve to determine the ripple voltage. In many cases, we need to use switches that open and close at certain times or under certain conditions of voltage or current. A capacitor model with c01, c12,c20 is used in the circuit on leftside in figure 7, making capacitance linearly proportional and twice the value of input voltage. Capacitor switching transient modeling and analysis on an electrical utility distribution system using simulink software the quality of electric power has been a constant topic of study, mainly because inherent problems to it can bring great economic losses in industrial processes. Resistors, capacitor, and inductors are part of the analog library. Pspice has many excellent models of transistors, thyristors and other devices that react to changes in a base circuit or a gate input. The default value for the step ceiling was used the result is shown on the next page. Examples consider the voltage controlled switch in the. This is equivalent to the standard pspice capacitor model, whose linear and quadratic coefficients, vc1. Pspice will complain and refuse to run the simulation. In the subcircuit, the time derivative, dvtdt, is measured by applying a copy of the voltage across gout to a known capacitance, cref, and monitoring its current.

The following will be a brief introduction to digital analysis using pspice, you should consult the online pspice manual if you are unsure about any of the following properties. If you have placed the device in your circuit upside. For example if you set a capacitors initial voltage to 10v, pspice will place 10 volts across the capacitor with its 1 end positive with respect to its 2 end. Figure 1 above shows an example of a circuit with a current controlled voltage source. Modeling voltagecontrolled resistors and capacitors in pspice. Examples consider the voltage controlled switch in the above image, with the following characteristics. One classic application of voltage controlled switches is simulating opencircuit and shortcircuit conditions. Jul 12, 2018 voltage controlled oscillator practical application as mentioned earlier vco can be simply construct using rc or lc pair, but in real world application no one really does that. For more information on voltage controlled switch please refer to ltspice help file f1. Setting initial conditions across a capacitor spectrum software. It is still tr, even if the v1 pspice is the inability to change some properties of the part. Voltage controlled oscillator in pspice all about circuits. The value of the nonlinear capacitor model in this example has a second order polynomial dependence on its voltage.

As described in the license agreement, you are permitted to run one copy of the orcad software on one computer at a time. Hi i am designing a feedback circuit for the resonant converter and in the feedback loop i planned to use a voltage controlled oscillator vco before going to the hardware i want to simulate that in pspice, i am new to the pspice and could not figure out whether vco is available or not, can any one please help me to find the vco in pspice, i am using student 9. Transforming the voltage source to the current source and writing the nodevoltage equation results in. I am trying to simulate the circuit of novel high stepup dcdc converter with coupledinductor and voltagedoubler circuits in pspice with specified rating 24v input, 200v output, 250w power.

Pspice, a factor of 106 is indicated by meg or meg. The four types of dependent sources are listed below in table 1 along with their abbreviation, pspice name and library. If you doubleclick the e1 dependent voltage source in pspice, you may find the gain property. This can be achieved by making the variable capacitor from varactor diodes.

Referring to the simulation result in pspice, i also wondered why is there no current flow through the 2 ohm resistor expected 0. Open a new pspice project and enter this schematic. Another quirk of pspice is the designation for 106. Above is an electrical model of a capacitor, the most common one anyhow. How to implement dependent sources in orcad pspice. The capacitor is chosen to be large to provide an early roll off f 12. To add it, click the add library icon, circled in green above. Click on waybackmachine to see how our website looked. Previously with pspice the initial condition setting applies.

In figure 7, the two circuit simulate the following two voltage controlled capacitors. In circuit 1 i have a certain voltage, let us call it v1. Heres why it appears not to be working at the start of the sim, c1 is already charged up to approximately 1v because the switch has a finite but large off resistance and the simulator assumes that the switch has been open circui and that 1v has been applied for an infinite time prior to the start of the sim at t0. Time varying voltage controlled capacitor ltspice or. Download pspice for free and get all the cadence pspice models. There are three ways to set a voltage across a capacitor. Vpwl uses linear interpolation between the specified points, the t8 value will remain till the end of the simulation. For instance, suppose we wanted to make the voltage source above model. Several libraries come available with pspice, and these have all of the components we will use in.

It does not, for example, show the temperature and frequency dependence of the various elements. Lets assume there is a 100nf capacitor between nodes 6 and 7, and we want to set an initial condition of 5v across the capacitor. Here is a zip file for ltspice that has the subcircuits and the. A simple addition to the above resistor model gives you a voltage controlled resistor.

Jan 20, 2018 hello everyone, just a video explaining how to reproduce an example simulation from standard pspice learning modules in the orcad trial and the orcad lite 17. Hello everyone, just a video explaining how to reproduce an example simulation from standard pspice learning modules in the orcad trial and the orcad lite 17. A nonlinear capacitor model for use in the pspice environment. Connecting currentcontrolled voltage source in pspice. Using p spice a transient analysis of the voltage across the capacitor was run from time t0 to t1s. In pspice, this can be done using the etable component in the. It is likely that the old url for this pspice tutorial will disappear on august 31, 2015. Now i am doing a ac simulation and i have a need to set the voltage across a capacitor to zero. I want to model a capacitor using the equation q cv. This video shows how to implement dependent sources in pspice software. This popular version of spice, available from orcad now cadence runs under the pc platforms. Add a 47f capacitor in parallel with the load resistor to make a peak recti. Hi, i want to make a spice simulation with a time varying capacitor.

It is still tr, even if the v1 software on one computer at a time. Pspice can simulate digital circuits and probe can output a timing diagram showing the relationship between all the signals propagating in the circuit. The anode of the diode connects to the vdc plus terminal. Voltage level, and place the probe that appears at the top of the capacitor. Then, i have tried to connect the 4terminal currentcontrolled voltage source in pspice but i am not sure whether it is correct. Dependent sources dependent source abbreviation pspice name library voltage controlled. Your circuit should now appear as shown in figure 2. Time varying voltage controlled capacitor ltspice or pspice. Mar 01, 2012 here is a zip file for ltspice that has the subcircuits and the. Use pspice and probe to obtain the transient response of the capacitor voltage and capacitor current separately on one page. All you need is a controlling voltage to multiply the resistor value. Pspice tutorials pspice tutorials contents 1st tutorial. Capacitor capacitance attribute the second way is in the capacitance attribute of a capacitor.

Pspice ad digital simulation condition messages 61. I can access the voltage across this charge source. Rc circuit with voltage probe running and displaying the results of the simulation run the simulation. Switching power supply design, pspice simulation, tutorials, technical articles, design tips.

To make a vco, the oscillator needs to be tuned by a voltage. The nonlinear capacitor is modeled by a subcircuit in which the capacitor is replaced by a controlled current source, gout, whose current is defined by 2b. Cadence pspice technology offers more than 33,000 models covering various types of devices that are included in the pspice software. Simulation of circuits with inductors and capacitors. Pspice tutorial dc transient simulation charging a capacitor. The tune voltage for the vco can then be applied to the varactors.

Just like the dc offest on the function generators in lab. This is the undocumented off state resistance of the cl voltage controlled switch. As discussed in class there are four types of dependent sources, two are voltage sources and two are current sources. Display measurement of dc differential voltage in pspice. I am quite new to pspice, and i am using capture to design my circuit. Spice quirks using the spice circuit simulation program. The currentcontrolled voltage source actually implements two individual devices, as can be seen from the netlist template. The smooth transition follows a low order polynomial fit to the logarithm of the switchs conduction. Question regarding voltagecontrolled resistors in pspice. Pwl method is a subset in vccsvoltage controlled current source dependent source of spice simulator and we can define two dimensional cv coordinates for cv curves.

Ltspice includes a large number of excellent fet models, but sometimes you need to simulate a simple switch that opens and closes at specific times or under certain conditions. The first is a 0v voltage source, which acts as an ammeter, to measure the current input and then the actual currentcontrolled voltage source that references it. Put a voltage source vdc with dc voltage 3v and ac magnitute 1v. The above method will only set the absolute voltage on the node. To insert and configure a switch in ltspice insert the symbol for the voltagecontrolled switch in your schematic press f2 and type sw in the search field of the symbo. As far i know with ltspice it is just possible to vary the charge. In the transient analysis use a final value of 6 second. The display window will open and a graph of the capacitor voltage. Voltage controlled switch not working circuitlab support.

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