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When focus peaking is set to on, the outline of the subject in focus is emphasized, and this makes it easier to check the focus. K3 focus peaking in reply to robert james oct 23, 20 i may be wrong about this, but since focus peaking is set to on in live view of the camera 3 menu, it may be possible to save this along with other preferences to one of the three user modes. The second version was released after almost two years. Youll have to focus manually, and thats often tricky. Discussions include features, pentax lenses, maintenance, general inquiries etc. When focusing during video capture, depending on the lens in use, the audio levels, and the degree of focus adjustment required, af noise is likely to be picked. For system cameras, having a focus motor in the cameras body allows you to use a wide range of lenses, including lenses which do not have their own focus motor.

Snapsort compares the pentax k30 vs the pentax kr to find out which is the winner. But dont run away just yet its also the most affordable weathersealed dslr on the market, with a long list of desirable features to boot. Focus peaking does feature on some pentax cameras, the k50 is one of them. The k30 is only one point behind the nikon d7000, d5100, and d700, and only two points behind the canon eos 5d mark iii. Camera was set to manual focus and the lens used for this demo was the fa31mm limited lens. You also get focus peaking highlights in display unit to help you while you are.

Page 107 live view live view contrast af contrast af af autozoom af autozoom focus peaking focus peaking grid display grid display info overlay info overlay histogram display histogram display brightdark area brightdark area cancel cancel. The updates are available for immediate download from the companys. It delivers high image quality, records pleasing hd video, and is sturdy and weatherproof. Pentax has a long tradition of making very photographerfocused dslrs, often eschewing the latest fashions to concentrate on providing cameras with wellsorted ergonomics and a focus on core photographic features such as good viewfinders. Catch in focus does work fairly well, but i still prefer to check the precision of focus using my eyes.

It has a stainless steel chassis, and unlike most dslrs of its class, is fully weather sealed. How to enable and use pentax catch in focus youtube. Facebook twitter youtube instagram sign up for our weekly. The issue starts off with random under exposed shots and then with my k30 the issue eventually occurring on 90% of shots taken. Just tried a couple of manual lenses on my k30 and they work fine with focus peaking i used a a70210 f4 and a 50mm m1. Thats still the case for quite a few competitors though. How to clear browser cache how to download youtube videos how. The pentax k30 offers a lot of features, is fast, and provides ample buttons and dials to make quick adjustments. At first i didnt found the pentax version as good as the sony, but with practice now i found it easier to get exact focus especially when using the loupe at 6x. I connected one end to my pentax k30 camera and connected the other end to my trusty windows 7 computer. Always post sample videos to something like vimeo and enable download of the originals. This trend appeared to reach its peak with the k5 arguably one of the best apsc dslr currently on the market. If you own the k30, please join and post photos, participate, and learn in depth about one of the more interesting cameras out to this day. Quick video showing how focus peaking works with pentax k01.

Pan and refocus by pushing af button or manual focus. Page 1 slr digital camera operating manual to ensure the best performance from your camera, please read the operating manual before using the camera page 2 thank you for purchasing this pentax a digital camera. Pentax k30 full hd video test auto manual focus youtube. The implementation is slightly different, the pentax version highlights the in focus area as white. Pentax k01, one year with the brick steevemarcoux2. Under exposure problems with pentax k30 ive posted on the pentax forums, along with other folks about a common problem were finding with the k30. Wondering what that mysterious button on the back of your camera does. The k01 has a 16 megapixel sensor, 3 inch lcd screen, 1080p movies, iso range of 10025600 and full manual controls.

Pentax k50 is a successor of pentax k30, does it have enough. Generally the autofocus can do a better job of getting crisp shots with the focus where you want it to be than your eye and hand can. Best tethering photography software for dslr cameras tether. Keep this manual safe, as it can be a valuable tool in helping you to. In reply to noisey1 jul 11, 2012 the manual which you can download says live view is used during movie recording. The pentax k30 is a basic dslr, but it has a weatherresistance build and can be ordered in different colors. It needs to be enabled under the live view options within the menu. If pentax k1 k3 k5 k7 k30 k50 ks1 ks2 kp camera manual focusing is front the focus distance is nearer please check focusing screen matte face is post a top or not,you can take out metals pad can revise. At its introduction, it was in the middle of pentaxs dslr range, above the nowdiscontinued entrylevel kr, and below the semipro k5 and successor k5 ii overview. This trend appeared to reach its peak with the k5 arguably one of the best.

I havent read much else on this site yet but if you havent tried it yet, focus peaking works brilliantly with live view manual focussing, especially with older lenses. However, the soso performance and poor video quality at. The pentax k30 is that most unfashionable thing a midrange dslr camera. Once you establish the initial focus distance for your subject and initiate video capture the camera holds the focus at that distance. Manual focusing in live view is also something i did from time to time to ensure tacksharp shots and the k3 iis focus peaking and focus assist zoom really helped out in these times.

Id say that k3 is a huge improvement over k01 when it comes to focus peaking. More interesting for videographers is that the pentax k3 doesnt have continuous focus in moviemode. It exceeds even the abilities of my 43 mm limited for sunsets and sunrises when coupled with the cte white balance settings and custom hilo key adjust features on my k7. Firmware in this document is the software that runs inside digital cameras. To see a 4x or 2x if thats what you set up crop, to assist manual focus, just press the ok button. The pentax k50 is a fully weathersealed dslr camera with an big optical. Set focus method to mf set mf assist to 4x or 2x set focus peaking to on now, when you mount a nonq lens with a dumb adapter, you will be able to use the focus peaking it will work without any other button press. It features a weatherresistant, dustproof and coldproof body, a glass prism finder with nearly 100% field of view, 16mp cmos sensor, 16000 second high shutter speed, up to 6 fps continuous shooting and fullhd movie recording.

To understand what back button focusing is, its important to know a little. The pentax k30s cmos image sensor records high definition video at a maximum resolution of 1,920 x 1,080 pixelsotherwise known as full hd or 1080pwith a 16. A quick search on youtube will find videos of people washing mud and dust off various pentax bodies under a tap or a shower. Below is a list of frequently asked questions and corresponding answers for the pentax k70 digital camera. Second, the lack of focus peaking while filming is heartless. Live view, dual raw and processed histogram and focus peaking. To make use of this af capability, the k30 can shoot at up to 6. Viewfinder coverage is 100% and 9 of the 11 focus points in that viewfinder are crosstype sensors advantageous in that they offer twodimensional contrast detection.

Focus peaking is a real boon, expecially in low light where even an improved focus screen is not much help. Best tethering software options for nikon, canon, pentax and other dslr. Please read this manual before using the camera in order to get the most out of all the features and functions. Paired with one of their allweather aw lenses like the new 70200 f2. Even if youre not the outdoorsy type, all its other attributes make the k30 worth a serious look. The pentax k01 features focus peaking for extremely quick, accurate focus of your subject. This compact, lightweight pentax k30 is a midlevel digital slr camera developed to help slr beginners easily capture highquality megapixel images. C, the afael button bound as the autofocus button so that the shutter release button doesnt refocus the shot and have the af area set to manual 11 point. Focus peaking and high magnification is the only way i use manual focus lenses. The pentax k01 is a new compact system camera with a uniquely distinctive design. Show off your favorite photos and videos to the world, securely and privately show content to your friends and family, or blog the photos and videos you take with a cameraphone. However, focus peaking which highlights the edges of objects only works while framing video, and the highlights disappear once video recording has begun. The k3 does have focuspeaking, which emphasises microcontrast for easier focussing, and this does help a lot in movie mode. Flickr is almost certainly the best online photo management and sharing application in the world.

But the ks2 camera also offers focus peaking highlighting on the screen the parts of the. Overall it is a great step up from kx with too many improvements to list. Please note that a da or wr lens is needed for true weather sealing and that the pentax k30 is not an underwater camera. The video on the k30 is really bad pentax slr talk forum. We shot thousands of frames with the pentax k30 in both controlled studio and. It actually takes away some of the skill needed but helps speed up the manual process. The other oddity is that, while the k30 offers the very fashionable focus peaking manual focus aid. You can download the canon eos utility for free from canon.

The worlds best photos of k30 and pentax flickr hive mind. Focus peaking fokussieren einfach erklart benjamin jaworskyj duration. Well this was one of the main reason that i bought the k01, because i was already using a sony nex3 and liked to use the focus peaking with my od manual focus lenses. Produced 19901997 asahi optical corp, japan film type 5 35mm picture size 24mm x 36mm weight 17. Its more of a what settings are needed to make it work video. I just bought the k50 and stumbled across your blog. Id love to see pentax offer the ability to change the colour of the highlighted edges with focus peaking via a firmware update.

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