Baofeng uv3r mark ii software

Works with windows 7 32 and 64 bit, windows 8 or 8. If you liked the uv3r, the uv3r plus is the perfect radio for you. The baofeng uv3r mark ii recently the baofeng uv3r mark ii popped up in ebay shops, and i immediately ordered one. The same model is occasionally seen under other brand. Here you will find user manuals, device drivers and softwares for a wide range of our products. Proxel srh519 ant sensivity rtx fm in baofeng uv 3r mark ii video2 duration. You can find all of this information in the little instruction booklet that accompanies this radio, but that text may not be very clear. Manually programming the baofeng uv3r transceiver this document provides more detailed instructions concerning manual programming of your baofeng uv3r vhfuhf handheld ham radio transceiver. Choose the com port number for the usb cable, the vendor baofeng and the model of the radio such as the uv5r from the drop down lists in the popup box.

System utilities downloads uv6 uv7 series by baofeng and many more programs are available for instant and free download. If you found this video useful, i recommend you visit the icq podcast, at. The most obvious difference is a dualfrequency display and that it comes with a dualband antenna, for about 5 usd more. And, as usual, julian is ahead of the curve with his post about the updated software. The orange accents make the radio look more modern, better even, although tastes differ. This only works on the mark ii dual watch display and the new plus model. This would require using the computer interface and programming software, as it isnt possible with direct input just using the menus and controls on the ht. I also ordered the usb programming cable and downloaded the programming software for the uv3r. When i first purchased the uv3r i found there was a steep learning curve mostly due to my unwillingness to read the manual, and research my questions online. I bought this twoway radio for 31 dollars, brand new in the box, from a hong kong source. Under the device menu option, there is the option to read from, or write to, your little baofeng radio. The uv3r mark ii is a second release of r that appeared at the beginning of september 2011.

All bf series uv series gt series dm5r plus mobile car radio. To verify the connection, run the chirp programming software. I can go that way if necessary to get the memories set for satellites. The original baofeng memory files are still on the computer so i saved this file as uv3rmarkiirevisedread.

Is the baofeng uv3r mark ii really modifiable to 220 mhz. The uv3r plus transceiver is low cost microminiature multiband fm transceiver, that offers everything the 3r offered with updated software and features. The program should download the frequencies from the radio. The remarkable uv3r mkii transceivers have 3 main i. If you want the tiniest and cheapest dualband ht, the mark ii model not usually so identified in advertising might be available for a. Usb programming cable for baofeng uv3r mark ii radio with. The general use and operation is somewhat different from the average radio, but its very easy to learn and operate afterwards. They use the fuji type np60 or kodak klic5000 or casio np30 mobile phone battery so you do not have to buy any special spare batteries some of the newer models.

Most high end radios will not last a week with twelve and thirteen year olds. The software included in the zip file will extend the frequency range of the uv3r mini handheld transceiver to include the 220mhz ham band. One pin cable for uv3r, two pin cable for uv3r plus. It adds the ability to update the fm broadcast memories via the software. A quick guide to get you up and running with the uv3r radio. When compared to the first gt3 version there arent many differences to.

The most obvious difference between these and the uv. When i recently believed i had lost my wouxun dualband radio, i went back to ebay and found an even cheaper dual bander, the baofeng uv3r. Program software for baofeng uv5r windows 64 bit vip version. This driver will work with the uv3r and uv5r programming software so you dont need 2 separate drivers for the 2 radios. This is program cable for baofeng uv3r mark ii handheld radios. Software will not work with the btech uv5x3, the baofeng uv5r3, uv5x mate uv82, bff8 or bff8hp radios. Programming cable for baofeng uv3r mark ii radio with. Now, you should be able to connect the radio to the pc using the programming lead. I saw that ed at started carrying the new baofeng uv3r so i placed my order and had the radio in my hands in. Sure, it doesnt have the solid feel of a larger handheld, such as a yaesu, but its made of a tough plastic and looks like it will take a few knocks. With the release of the new baofeng uv3r mark ii, the original software has also been updated. The battery is a common camera battery that is readily available.

Having launched the baofeng series of wireless walkietalkies and related ancillary products. Now, from the baofeng programming software, go into com port and set the correct com port. Save uv3r mark ii to get email alerts and updates on your ebay feed. The uvx4 is the same as the uv3r mark ii except for the shape of the buttons. Since there are more capable and better radios out there that offer a lot more for the price, this radio is not the ideal unit for a beginner as their main unit, however, it is an excellent secondary unit or collectors item for a more experienced operator with. Baofeng gt3 mark ii 6174400520mhz dualband dtmf fm ham walkie talkie, chipsets upgraded. An exception is the uv5rx3 radio being sold by main trading from paris texas.

Programming cable for baofeng uv3r mark ii radio with programming software we will send programming software via email please not, this cable is only for uv3r, not for uv3r plus. Baofeng uv3r notes yes, you can disable the alarmfunction on this radio see the modification below the baofeng 2 m70 cm dualband radios uv5r and the smaller uv3r are extremely popular in finland, quite likely everywhere else too. Operating system selection available when adding to cart. Click go to radio on the menu bar and choose download from radio. No volume or squelch knobs, no keypad for dtmf tones or frequency entry, but for the price it. The baofeng uv3r dual band radio with fm transceiver, mini size latest version with 18 menu items, smeter and dual display and dual band antenna. This is the latest baofeng two way radio with large capacity 7. The uv3r and the uv5r transceivers will transmit on any frequency within the range vhf and uhf the transceivers are designed for. The uv3r is my first choice in transceivers for their ability to take extreme punishment and continue to work. Works only with the rt systems usbk4y cable as shown below.

The bao5r radio programmer is available for either windows os or mac os. Rt systems bao5r3 software software program memories and other setting of the baofeng uv5r3 radio. The mark i models from hawaii radio sales come with separate vhf and uhf antennas. Uv3r is a micro miniature multiband fm transceiver with extensive receive frequency coverage, providing localarea 2way amateur communications along with unmatched monitoring capability.

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